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    Light Tower Generator

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    1. Lighting performance: New unique high pressure aluminum lamps, excellent luminance, large cover.Perfect for both far and short distance. More than 10000 hours long service life. Particularly suitable for large-scale outdoor work.

    2. Lifting performance: Lifting poker of light tower made by high-strength alloy, capable to rise up and down automatically. Maximum height is 9.012 meters. 4 omnibearing lamps can be adjusted independently to cover the whole range of working area.

    3. Working hours: Power supplied by high quality generator set. One full tank of fuel can run for 20 hours.If there is main power nearby, it is also capable to put in to achieve unlimited lighting.

    4. And operational: Remote and onsite control both available for light tower up and down, standing and lie down, simple and reliable. Wireless control range up to 30 meters. Tower rotates to 330°,Heavy-duty winch design and integral forklift pockets. High frequency generator work without ballast, easy to maintains, Emergency shutdown protection.

    5. Applicable Occasion: Suitable for troops, railway and highway construction, power grid, police, various large construction operations, mining operations, maintenance & repair, incident handling and rescue & relief these all situations which requests high luminance lighting. Separate lockable, weather protected,powder-coated steel doors.

    Light tower is made by high-strength alloy and desired with compact structure, stable performance, capable to working in all kind of extreme environment and wind resistance which is up to force 8.

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