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    Trailer Type Generator

    2015-07-30 15:01:31 Trailer Type Generator 
    Trailer series diesel generator

    The mobile power station series has multiple structures and functions: hand-push, three- wheel, four- wheel, car power station, trailer power station, mobile low noise power station, mobile container power station, power engineering vehicles and so on. The series with good operating and safety performance is designed and produced by our company referring several foreign mobile power stations.

    Characteristics of trailer series

    1. Traction: with moving hook, 360°turntable, flexible steering, operating convenience.

    2. Braking: air brake interface and manual brake system , to ensure the security in the lane.

    3. Supporting: To guarantee the stability during operation, the set is equipped with 4R mechanical or hydraulic
        support device.

    4. Doors and windows: a vent at the head, a S/S door at the back, doors on both sides for operators’ access.

    5. Dimensions of the compartment: the dimension is decided by the specifications, and the operators can walk around easy to operate and maintain it.

    6. Appearance: with polymer polyurethane paint, color optional, exhaust pipe is on or under to ensure looking good. The words and decoration out the compartment can be made according to customers’ requirements.

    7. Fire protection: with two fire extinguishers (optional) .


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