china Weifang diesel engine generator

    2016-07-22 17:09:02 There are three advantages about Weifang diesel generator 
    1.A low operating cost Weifang Generator: new energy, turning waste into environmentally cleaner emissions and is increasingly becoming the first choice for users.
    2, good starting performance Weifang generator startup success rate. After a successful start from cold to full load time is only 30 seconds, while the international rule of 3 minutes after the successful launch of diesel generators with load. Weifang generator can ensure the success rate of start under any ambient temperature and climate.
    3, low-noise generators Weifang vibration. Since the gas turbine rotating at high speed, its vibration is very small, and low-frequency noise than diesel generators.
    4, Weifang combustible gas generator uses a clean, cheap energy, such as: oil associated gas, gas Wasi, knot rod gas, biogas, etc., in order to fuel their generators is not only reliable, low cost, and can turning waste into treasure, no pollution. 

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