some notes about using oil filter for diesel generator

    2016-09-21 16:31:52 The oil filter on the diesel generator should be always replaced every several months. Then we will take china diesel generator as an example, to  explain how to replace it. 
    In fact, the installation of diesel filter on china diesel generator is extremely simple,  according to the oil inlet and outlet interface reserved the series on an oil pipeline. Pay attention to the direction of the arrow shown in the direction of oil import connection cannot be reversed. The initial use and replacement of the filter element, should pay attention to the exhaust, the exhaust valve in the barrel end cover.
    Second, the replacement of the filter element: under normal circumstances, if the pre filter pressure difference alarm alarm or cumulative use of more than 3000 hours, which should replace the filter, double barrel parallel pre filtering device replacement of the filter element can be without stopping the machine. Third, replace the filter method: 1, single barrel pre filtering device filter element replacement: shut down into the oil inlet valve, open the upper cover.

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