Method for starting diesel generator in winter

    2016-10-16 11:00:11  In the cold winter, good maintenance for diesel generators in winter is very important
    What should we do when start the diesel generator in winter? And what should we pay attention to when using diesel generator in winter?
    1. Please check the level of cooling water and oil to prevent clotting.
    2. Ensure that the diesel engine do not work with the load.
    3. Pull the throttle lever to the fourth position on full throttle.
    4. Start the engine, as long as the diesel engine is out of work,please release the start switch.
    There is also a requirement about starting the diesel generators.we need to preheat the diesel generator. If the ambient temperature is below minus 10 ℃, we must consider the installation of auxiliary heating devices. But diesel generator heating device can be only proving fast start, but does not solve the problem of wear.

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