Noise Reduction and Heat Dissipation of Diesel Generating Unit

    2018-02-22 16:09:38 With the wide application of diesel generators, the engine room noise reduction and cooling dissipation has become the focus on attention. As a professional manufacturer of diesel generators, Shandong Hua Quan Power Co., Ltd. here to teach you how to do a good job of diesel generator room noise reduction and heat dissipation.
    First of all, the general design of diesel generator room noise reduction, you should be considered the ventilation of the room, ventilation volume is based on the amount of air required for engine combustion and unit cooling required to calculate the amount of ventilation, gas and ventilation And the room is the ventilation volume. This is a change value of the random room is the temperature rise and change. In considering the room noise reduction, should be in accordance with the more stringent standards to calculate the ventilation room, that is, room temperature control within 5 ℃, the unit required the largest ventilation.
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    According to the ventilation and the engine room into the exhaust muffler minimum air flow rate, you can calculate the diesel generator room of the exhaust outlet cross-sectional area, according to the design of the inlet and outlet in the general case can meet the cooling requirements of the engine room. The Admittedly, this is a relatively high standard, the price is also higher, Need for professional noise reduction manufacturers to design and construction, can meet the desired noise reduction and full heat dissipation conditions.
    Third, the engine room noise reduction and cooling also has a relationship with the user's request.The user can change noise and cooling requiremnts according to the ambient temperature. For example, in the winter, may be appropriate to the effect of noise reduction; in the hot summer, in order to meet the full cooling room, in terms of noise reduction to make some concessions. 
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