The instructions of oil change for diesel generator

    2018-03-03 15:37:55 Now HQ-POWER introduce you diesel engine oil change knowledge.
    1, heavy oil, light oil (into the oil): First, cut off the atomization heater steam, cut down the diesel power down to 3/4 rated power, when the fuel pump of the heavy oil temperature dropped to 75 ℃ (but not less than 75℃ ), Then cut off fuel and the connect the diesel oil at the same time, and the original fuel oil and the newly injected diesel oil are gradually mixed and diluted in the oil collecting cabinet. Finally, the fuel pipeline, the low pressure pump, the fuel atomization heater, For the next time start.
    2, light oil, heavy oil (out of oil): First, the fuel oil in the oil tank to the working temperature, the diesel power down to the rated power of 3 / 4. Then, open the atomization heater steam heating diesel , Manually control the atomization heater, the diesel at a rate of 2 ℃ per minute increased to 60 ~ 80 ℃ (light diesel oil heating temperature can not exceed 80 ℃, otherwise the viscosity is too low, fuel injection pump, injector damage bite The possibility). Cut off diesel oil will be heavy oil access. Thereafter, the temperature continues to rise at a rate of 2℃ per minute until the normal operating temperature (i.e., the temperature at which the fuel temperature is to be heated to the fuel oil atomization during the consumption of the diesel fuel in the system).
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