Diesel generator set start and stop of two types

    2018-04-09 18:15:44 Diesel generator sets start and stop both types
    A Manual control
    1 diesel generator set manually test alarm system is normal control switch to the manual position (mans) diesel generator automatically start.
    2 the diesel generator parking control switch to stop (stop) position or in the red emergency stop button to stop the operation of the generator.  When the emergency can press the emergency stop button directly can be forced to stop.  If you press the red emergency stop button should be reset otherwise the generator will not start.
    Diesel generator
    B automatic switching control
    1 automatic control switch (car) power automatic switching control switch (ATS) must be placed in the automatic position when the city power failure s&T signal generator control system and the generator will automatically start.
    2 when the control switch off stop (stop) or automatic stop but when the electricity to Kyrgyzstan to stop the signal the diesel generator will automatically shut down.  Note The operation of the diesel generator set due to failure (speed high temperature low oil pressure etc.) and automatically shut down troubleshooting press the reset button will be ready to restart.
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