How to maintain the fuel tank of a diesel generator

    2018-04-24 13:36:21 Diesel generator fuel tank how to maintenance
    First, the diesel generator fuel tank refueling around to make sure no fireworks, go after to make sure the lock cover, oil fuel oil drum should be after tank (unit) to keep a safe distance! This is the key of the safe! 
    1. Ensure that diesel generator fuel tank and a product label meets the requirements, ensure that no impurities in oil, it is strictly prohibited in precipitation oil; 
    2. Before starting the unit, to observe whether the oil outlet oil; 
    3. In the process of the unit operation, observe oil amount, avoid to save oil dried up dirty oil, water and air into the fuel oil system; 
    4. The unit is turned off, up and avoid the internal condensation water bead with; 
    5. 1500-2000 - h h per run, tank cleaning time; 
    diesel generator
    In addition, the fuel return line connection should not cause fuel in diesel generating sets of tubing shock wave; Oil tank and oil return area should be equipped with perforated partition, in order to reduce diesel generator set of heat exchange; Tank of oil supply pipe position should be higher than that of diesel generating sets about 50 mm at the bottom of the tank, to prevent sediments and water is sucked for tubing. 
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