The method of maintenance of generator set

    2018-06-20 11:29:25  Many customers after buying a generator, do not know how to maintain their beloved generators, so that the life of the generator is short, so that Huaquan power generating units Aftermarket staff to tell us how to maintain their own generators in peacetime.

    The routine maintenance and technical maintenance of generating sets:
    1, If you check the rotating parts of the bolt loose, timely tightening;
    2, check the oil flat in the sump, when insufficient, should add oil;
    3, check the oil quantity in fuel tank;
    4, check the water tank surface;
    5, check oil, water pipe joints;
    6, check the seal of inlet, exhaust pipe and cylinder gasket, clear the surface grease and dust, keep the room tidy;
    First Level Maintenance
    One, daily:
    1 ) Check the generator work daily.
    2 ) Check the generator: Oil plane, cooling liquid plane.
    3) Daily test Generator has no damage, leakage, whether the belt slack or wear.
    Two, weekly:
    1 ) Repeat the daily a -level check.
    2 ) Check the air filter, clean or replace the air filter core.
    3 ) The discharge of water or sediments from fuel tanks and fuel filters.
    4 ) Check the water filter.
    5 ) Check the starter battery.
    6 )  Start the generator and check for any impact.
    7 ) with air gun and clean water cooler front and rear fins.
    Second-level maintenance (250-300 hours) in the day-to-day maintenance and maintenance of the content of the increase:
    1, cleaning piston, piston pin, cylinder sleeve, piston ring, connecting rod bearing and check its wear condition;

    2, check the inner and outer ring of rolling main bearing is not loose phenomenon;

    3, remove the scale and silt in the water channel;

    4, the removal of carbon in the cylinder combustion chamber and the inlet and outlet;

    5, check the valve, valve seat, push rod and rocker arm and other wear conditions, and grinding adjustment;

    6, cleaning the turbocharger rotor coking, check the bearing, impeller wear, if necessary, should be repaired;

    7, check whether the bolt of generator set and diesel engine is loose and slippery, and find the problem should be repaired and replaced.
    Level Three Maintenance
    1 ) Replacement of diesel filter, oil filter, water filter, water tank and the replacement of oil.
    2 ) Adjust the fan strap tightness.
    3 ) Check the supercharger.
    4 ) demolition, inspection and cleaning PT pump, actuator.
    5 ) Open the rocker chamber lid, check the T-plate, valve guide and inlet and outlet door.
    6 ) Adjust the nozzle lift, adjust valve clearance.
    7 ) Check the charging generator.
    8 ) Check the radiator of the radiator and clean the external radiator of the water tank.
    9 ) water tank with water tank treasure, cleaning tank interior.
    Ten) Check the diesel engine sensor and connecting wire.
    11)Check the diesel engine instrument box.

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